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Brand Name: weijia
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


    Horizontal glass steel tank structure is composed of anti-corrosive and anti-seepage lining layer, reinforced structure layer, appearance anti-aging layer. Ensure that both a good resistance to corrosion and have enough physical and mechanical properties to meet all requirements. Using glass fiber high tension, multi-level, multiple perspectives, head wound, The glass fiber high tension, multi-level and multi angle, head wound, meet the organic and inorganic solvents and have chemical and electrochemical corrosion of the storage, transfer and production needs. Meet the electrolyte fluid transfer, transmission, eliminate electrostatic of need to meet all kinds of bearing shear resistance and buried with the load on the mechanical requirements.

   The design flexibility, the tank wall structure with excellent performance. Filament winding FRP can be by changing the resin system or strengthen physical and chemical properties of materials to adjust the storage tank, to adapt to the needs of different media and working conditions.Through the structure layer thickness and winding Angle and the structure of the wall thickness to adjust the carrying capacity of the tanks, to adapt to the different pressure levels, volume size, and need some special properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks,is isotropic metal materials can't compare with.Corrosion resistance, anti leakage, good weathering resistance; glass steel with special resistance to corrosion, the corrosive medium storage, glass steel shows other materials by the incomparable superiority, resistance to a variety of acid, alkali, salt and organic solvent;With excellent mechanical and physical properties; Glass fiber winding, decrease the rate of the fiber micro cracks exist, the molding method can make the fiber content as high as 80%, higher than strength, including steel, cast iron and plastic,thermal expansion coefficient and steel is roughly, heat conduction coefficient is only 0.5% of steel; Long service life and low maintenance cost.