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Dimensions: as per requirement
Technique: extrusion technique
Surface Treatment: extrusion
Application: Chengtie third rail door cover and support,column antenna,etc
Model Number: C04001
Brand Name: WJ
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Extrusion is a continuous production of glass fiber process has uniform shape and size. The process is: in molding equipment for the production of the traction force under enhanced materials such as fiberglass twistless roving, continuous glass fiber mat, etc. In accordance with the specific configuration of the form after impregnated with matrix material (such as an unsaturated polyester resin, etc. ) through the mould system and in which continuous curing, to continuously get smooth surface, stable size, high strength glass fiber profiles.


(1)Light weight, high strength

(2)Good corrosion resistance

(3)Good electrical insulation

(4)Bright colors

(5)Simple maintenanc

Pultruded glass steel main profile application: Chengtie third rail door cover and support, insulation support component, column antenna, HV cable tray, high voltage power supply operating lever, generator radiator, stairs and handrails, and operating platform, aisle, storage tank, switchboard and power distribution room, drainage system, berths and seafloor identification signs, car train as pressure rod, a corner plate, highway guardrail, sound-absorbing panels, anti glare panels, tower packing bracket, filter plate bracket, cold storage frame materials.