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Dimensions: DN25mm-DN4000mm
Technique: Winding technology
Application: Drinking water delivery,Sea transportation,Sewage treatment,etc..
Brand Name: weijia
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


FRP sand-filling pipe due to design a sand layer on the wall of the pipe, it compared with the pure glass pipe, not only has light quality, high intensity, and is buried pipe of high stiffness and low cost, so the advent of since they generally welcomed.
Product Features

1. Lightweight, high strength, high strength

FRP clip sand pipe is made of inner village layer, winding layer, resin mortar layer and outer coating layer, it is 1.7~2.1, 1/5, 1/4, 3/4. Because of the fiber winding enhancement structure, the fiber content of the layer is 70% , which can meet the strength requirement of the pipeline. In addition, because the resin mortar layer is in the middle of the winding enhancement layer, it can greatly improve the rigidity of the pipe without reducing the strength.

2. Anticorrosion performance

The corrosion resistance of the FRP clip sand pipe is mainly dependent on the corrosion resistance of the liner, and the liner layer can be selected according to the medium conditions of different grades of resin. The lining layer of the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe is made of fiber reinforced resin layer, and the resin content is 80%. Can ensure that the pipe corrosion, leakage prevention.

3. Excellent hydraulic performance

FRP sand inclusion pipe inner surface is very smooth, roughness coefficient is small, not only is the new smooth, attachment and used for a number of years, the inner wall is smooth unabated, seaweed and other aquatic derivatives.

4. Health performance

Raw material through a certain production process of unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber, the inner surface of the pipe is very smooth and Barcol hardness more than 40, unsaturated polyester resin itself through the state departments of health and epidemic prevention inspection, so can meet the sanitary standard for drinking water, and in instances of domestic have more than 10 years.