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Dimensions: According to customer needs
Technique: Winding technology
Application: FRP pipe,etc..
Brand Name: weijia
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


   Process description:
  FRP winding equipment (also called a continuous winding FRP pipe production line), FRP pipe winding device mainly comprises a winding-feeding-curing support plates torsion-cutting-such as the unloading equipment composition of one-stop pipeline automatic continuous production line. The pipeline winding production line has advanced technology, high automation degree, high production efficiency and complete production specification.

   FRP winding equipment of continuous winding process is a continuous way to produce GRP pipe and tank, is mixing glass fiber reinforced plastic pressure applied to a moving steel strip continuous molding mold.Mold is made by winding on a horizontal spindle just with a continuous form. By a layer of lining membrane wrapping on the mould, premixed resin/sand (direct yarn, yarn cutting, quartz sand, polyester resin and other materials) and continuous distribution to the right position, finally use a layer of mold surface yarn, winding pipe is transported to cure location, and then the cutting and polishing finish.