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Dimensions: 2.7MM-3MM
Technique: Pultrusion
Surface Treatment: smooth
Application: industry,construction,Corrosion Environmental
Model Number: C-050
Brand Name: WJ
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Corrosion Resistant: Weather Resistant
Light Weight: High Strength
Electrically Insulating: Easy to Fabricate & Install
High Dimensional Stability: Flame Retardant
Various color: Good appearance



Manufacturing process:

Fan belongs to a different grille and board molding, pultrusion process, glass steel grille cover plate hand lay up process, also known as the skin. The hand lay up process used in the production of a variety of glass steel products, such as the common glass steel, glass and steel sculpture, glass steel trash cans, glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks and so on. Glass steel grille cover plate making method usually has two kinds, the first kind is in the grid plate is made of a complete, but not from the molding equipment in the surface to cover production. Also a method is, will remove the grille board and put them in a operation platform and on the cover of the production.

Between each have advantages and disadvantages.


1, life: Community walk, garden spray pool cover, stair pedal, car wash room grille cover plate

2, the factory: sewer cover, pool cover, operating platform, stair step, floor aisle

3, city greening: cover plate, cable trench cover, trench cover, trench cover, water pipe trench cover, cover, tree grate and so on.


Thickness: 6.5/5.0mm  7.0/5.0mm  8.0/6.0mm
Distance:38mmx38mmx25mm  50mmx50mmx25mm  40mmx40mmx25mm
Wide:  1220mm  915mm  1524mm  1254mm
Long: 4000mm  3660mm  2440mm  3050mm