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Dimensions: According to customers needs
Application: Chemical industry, machinery, metallurgy, electric power,etc..
Brand Name: weijia
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


    Pultrusion FRP cable tray mechanical strength is high, it has both the rigidity of the metal bridge and the toughness of the glass steel bridge, corrosion resistance, anti aging performance is strong, handsome in appearance, installation is convenient, the service life is long.

   Pultrusion FRP cable tray is divided into groove type cable tray and ladder type cable tray. Groove type cable tray, a fully enclosed cable bridge, it is the most suitable for computer cable, communication cable, thermocouple cable and other high sensitive system control cable shielding cable interference and heavy corrosion environment protection has a better effect. Tray type cable tray, it has light weight, large load, Beautiful shape, the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, it is suitable for the installation of power cable, can also be applied to control the laying of the cable. Ladder type cable tray, suitable for laying of large diameter cabling, especially suitable for high and low power cable laying. Glass fiber reinforced plastic, aluminum alloy and large span cable tray. Cable tray across vulnerable to external mechanical damage and outdoor area, should choose protection cover plate. Cable trough or ladder at the branch, can be used in a variety of curved connection.