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Dimensions: all kinds of sizes
Technique: extrusion technique
Surface Treatment: extrusion
Application: laying computer cable, communication cable,etc
Model Number: C3001
Brand Name: WJ
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Flame-retardant FRP cable bridge is to develop a production of new products on the basis of steel cable bridge, It has high mechanical strength, good insulation properties, resistance to chemical corrosion, fire retardant characteristics.It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, light industry, metallurgy, machinery, electricity, communications, underground garage and defense engineering companies such as indoor and outdoor cable laying, cable channel and cable laying in the tunnel.

ZBQ series cable tray suitable for voltages of 10 kV and below power cables control cables, lighting, wiring, pneumatic, hydraulic pipe and cable laying.

Level arrangement:

(1)Cable tray arrangement should be weak current level control cables on top, followed by the general control cable, low voltage power cables, high-voltage power cables and other primary arrangement.

(2)Each layer of interlayer distance of cable bridge:

Control cable200mm

power cable300mm

  Mechanical laying cable400mm

Structure features and installation:

ZBQ series cable bridge has a wide application, high strength, light weight, reasonable structure, excellent insulation properties and low cost, long life and corrosion resistance ,, strong, simple construction, flexible wiring, installation standards, appearance and other characteristics.

     ZBQ series of cable tray installation can be adapted to local conditions. With the technology of pipeline overhead laying; floor beam hoisting; interior wall, column wall, tunnel, cable trench wall on the side, also can be installed in the open air or column piers.A large-scale bridge hoisting, should try to use both sides of the upright post laying symmetrical I-beam.

ZBQ series of cable tray installation can be horizontal, vertical laying angle can, T shape, ten shape branches; adjustable width, height and diameter.

ZBQ series of cable tray installation and the iron bridge is different, the main difference is: connecting the cover plate and the body, in addition to the same with the iron bridge buckle connection mode, can be used to cover plate and trough line connection.