Product Main


■Inlet diameter: 1/2" NPT-1/2" F
■Outlet diameter: 1/2" NPT-1/2" F
■Delivery capacity: 1-35L/Min.
■Pressure scope: 0.5bar - 50bar
■Oil temperature: max. 60℃
■Tolerance: +/-0.5%
■Accurate unit: 0.01L
■Measuring unit: Litre
■Viscosity: max.SAE 240(8-5000mPas)
■Net Weight: 1.4Kg
Apply to engine oil, gear oil, automatic gear-box oil, hydraulic oil, antifreeze and similar products of precision filling; 
■ filling the total memory, a single volume displays filling function; 
■ 5 easy to read LCD display, a 3V battery-powered; automatic power-saving mode. 
■ Real-time error coefficient of calibration, easy to operate; 
■ multi-unit selection 
■ with anti-drip function, anti-drip muzzle 
■ Rotary Joints 1 / 2 "easy to use, anti-collision switch design.