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Dimensions: all kinds of sizes
Application: Carpentry workshop, painting workshop, polishing workshop,etc
Model Number: C4014
Brand Name: WJ
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


    The performance of dust collector with gas handling capacity of gas through the dust remover of the resistance loss and the dust removal efficiency to express. At the same time, dust collector price, operation and maintenance costs, service life and operation management difficulty is also considered an important factor in their performance. Dust catcher is commonly used in boiler and industrial production facilities.
According to the principle of dust collector is divided into the following three categories :

(1)Filter type dust remover comprises a bag filter and granular layer dust remover

(2)Electrostatic precipitator.

(3)The magnetic dust collector.

According to the way into the dust collector:

(1) dry dust collector.

(2) semi dry dust collector.

(3) the wet dust remover.

Note:Industrial use is more type electric dust collector bag compound dust remover and bag (fabric filter).
Industry standard :

Bag type dust collector for coal mine AQ

DL/T 514-2004 electrostatic precipitator

JB/T 10341-2002 cartridge filter

JB/T 20108-2007 medical pulse bag filter

Electrostatic precipitator

Wet electric dust collector with JB/T 6409-2008 gas

MT 159-1995 mine dust collector

CXBC series bag filter with JC/T 819-2007 in cement industry

JC 837-1998 for building materials industry chamber blowback bag filter

JB/T 8532-2008 pulse blow bag dust collector

JB/T 9055-1999 mechanical vibration bag filter