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electro-galvanized iron wire: hot-dipped galvanized iron wire



Production process: high-quality lower carbon wire drawing and pulling into shape, rust removing after acid, high-temperature annealed, galvanized cooling.

Advantages: good tenacity and elasticity

                  maximum zinc could reach 300g/m2


                  excellent corrosion resistance.

Usage: Galvanized iron wire is widely used in construction, handcrafts, braiding wire mesh, highway protective guard, product packing, daily use and so on.

Assortment: electro-galvanized iron wire: maximum zinc is 10g/m2

                   Hot dipped galvanized iron wire: maximum zinc thickness is 300g/m2, produce in a fast speed, thick zinc but not even. Minimum zinc thickness allowed is 45 micrometer. It has good anti-corrosion.

Assortments Size T/S(N/mm2)
Electro-galvanized BWG6-BWG32 300-550
Hot dipped galvanized  BWG6-BWG22 300-550