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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)



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The series of 485 main line gas detection alarm system adopts non-standard agreement or
MODBUS protocol for data collection and transmission

The intelligent transmitter nodeacquisition collects and detects the gas concentration  on the spot,

The host round tests various nodeswith intelligent background software, and monitoring the gas
concentration changes
in real-time .

Our product uses the bus-system , having strong anti-jamming capability, convenient layout and
simple wiring
. At the same time , it also providesan controlling external device (exhaust fan,
solenoid valve, etc.) of the switch output.

The detector detects gas concentration with natural diffusion mode, which uses the imported sensors
and has a goodsensitivity and repeatability.

This instrument uses the embedded micro-controller control technology, simplemenu operation ,
complete functions
and high reliability .

Bus-system gas detection transmitter adopts aluminum shell material with high strength, heat
and corrosion resistance.Our product is suitable for the detection of poisonous and
harmful, inflammable and explosive gas in the air
and has been widely used in metallurgy, power
plant, chemical industry, mine, tunnel, tunnels, underground pipeline and other places, effectively
ing  the happening of the accident.