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Brand Name: weijia
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Pultrusion profiles production main raw materials are high-quality steel mold, the forging technology, and then through the most efficient scientific thermal effect is handled and become, the process to a great extent, guarantee the grinding CNC simulation and makes the static precision grinding process more secure.

   In order to ensure the products when you pull up to release the curing extent pultrusion die we are mainly based on the length of molding process speed determined by gel and resin curing rates; molding cross sectional area and cross-sectional area ratio should be greater than or equal to 10, to insure sufficient strength and stiffness, uniform heat distribution and stable after heating. Surface hard chromium plating, make the line reached 0.0025, cavity finish 0.0025, sufficient hardness HRC58-62, mold steel internal organization of dense, uniform hardness, material is stability.