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After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Warranty: 1
Certification: ISO9001-2008
Weight: 5000kgs
Dimension(L*W*H): 6mx3mx5m
Power(W): 1000W
Voltage: 380V
Model Number: WJ011
Brand Name: WJ
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Production Capacity: 10,000
Application: Drain Pipe
Pipe Material: fiberglass reinforced plastic
Type: Pipe Production Line
Condition: New
Low energy consumption: high productivity
low maintenance and lower production cost: Easy and convenient operation - just input the data to the PC control system
Good lamination design for quality products with excellent corrosion resistance: axial strength and anti-leakage property


Continuous filament winding machine, abbreviated to CFW machine, is designed to manufacture FRP or GRP pipes with similar work principle to . However, CFW machine has different areas where filament winding is laying out - continuous winded steel bands with smooth surface.

CFW machines can be used to produce various types of pipes such as polyester pipe, polyester sand inclusion pipe and epoxy or PVC composite pipe. These pipes manufactured by our CFW have excellent axial strength and widely used for storing drinking water, building water sewage projects, drainage engineering and various anti-pollution projects in chemical industries.

Continuous filament winding machine


  • Ideal for produce pipes in a wide range of diameters from 0.25m to 4m.
  • High productivity - the production speed of CFW machine is over 60m per hour.
  • Microcomputer control system allows stable performance and easy operation - just inputting small amount of parameters that effectively reduces human errors.
  • Superb feeding system ensures the raw materials are distributed evenly for higher pipe quality and lower material waste.
  • Sand premix system reduces resin content for saving cost up to 25%.
  • Improved system allows for about 40% time reduction in full diameter range.


  • Horizontal cantilever mandrel system - driving device, aluminum beams, roller bearings.
  • Band circulation system - steel band pusher, band exit head, placement head and circulating head.
  • Pipe raw material mixing & storage system.
  • Feeding system.
  • Curing system for infrared heating and pipe solidifying.
  • Winding system - mylar winder, surface veil winder and external layer winder.
  • Pipe holding, anti-distortion, cutting and unloading system, etc.
  • Liner chopper device.
  • Chopped roving shelf and hoop roving shelf, etc.

Operation process of CFW machine

Step 1: Mounting roller bearing
Slip the outward-facing roller bearings on the principal axis.

Step 2: Mounting aluminum beams
Fix aluminum beams to the grooves of roller bearings.

Step 3: Steel band winding process
Wind steel band around the forward moving mandrel with the help of a placement head on the mandrel's supported end. Normally, the steel band is about 2" in width, and the mandrel moves forward about one band width when it rotates a circle. Then the steel band is winded to form a smooth mandrel for raw material feeding. At the end of the mandrel, the steel band is guided by exit head to turn back to the mandrel's core. And then the placement head re-direct the band on the mandrel again for recycling usage.

Step 4: Feeding process
After the circle system of steel band is finished, then wind a layer of lining film around the steel band and make processed pipe raw materials winded around steel band and gone forward with the mandrel.

Step 5: Solidifying & extraction
Cure the winded pipe until it is solidified. Then extract the pipe from mandrel system.

Step 6: Cutting & unloading
Cut the pipes into custom length and transport them to the construction site.


Specification of continuous filament winding machines
Model Pipe diameter
CFW1200 250mm to 1200mm
CFW2600 300mm to 2600mm
CFW3000 300mm to 3000mm
CFW4000 400mm to 4000mm
Note: Custom designs and sizes are also welcomed.