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Quick Details

Model Number: SA-014J
Brand Name: SACON
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Frequency System: 800,900,1800,1900,3g,4g,wifi
Output power: 20watt
Radius Range: 2~50(m)
Bands: 14
Delivery Time: 2~5 days after payment done
Packing Detail: Neutral carton
Quality Warranty: 2 years
Power supply: AC220~DC19V
Dimension(LxWxD): 455x254x68mm
Weight: 3.3KG


Technical Features

* The use of UHF wide-band interference technology to support 4G upgrade, scalable extension
* Imported components, slow-start circuit design can avoid mechanical switch ignition phenomena generated, high integration stable
* Online multi-level network architecture, remote control
* Network version of the system with multi-level rights management and user management features


Conference room, auditoriums, law court, library, exam room, school, cinema, theater, museum, hospital etc.

Places where using mobile phones is prohibited such as Service Station, Security Services, Military Units, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs, etc.

Frequency Range

Voice and data transmission :  135~200MHz

Voice and data transmission : 200~300MHz

Voice and data transmission : 300~400MHz

Voice and data transmission : 400~500MHz

Voice and data transmission : 500~600MHz

Voice and data transmission : 600~700MHz

Voice and data transmission : 700~800MHz

CDMA : 865~880MHz

GSM : 925~960MHz

DCS/PHS : 1805~1990MHz

3G : 2110~2170MHz

WIFI : 2400~2500MHz

4G : 2300~2400MHz

4G : 2555~2655MHz

Average output power : >= 28dBm

Channel out-putting power : Voice and data transmission , 3G >= 5dBm/30KHz , CDMA,GSM >= 8dBm/30KHz , DCS >=7dBm/30KHz ,

Available system: regular frequency

Power supply: AC220~DC19V

Operate time: up to 12 hours continuous

Semidiameter of interception:2-50m(depends on the signal strength)

Output power : 20W

Antenna: 14 pcs Power consume:85W

weight: 3.3KG

Dimension: 455mm(L)×254mm(W)×68mm(H)