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Do you want to have a Low Cost HOWO Sewage Suction Truck for Sale? Our company specialized in re&pr high quality HOWO Sewage Suction Truck ,will meet your needs well.
Good-performance and mature chassis are used. The performance of reliability, comfort and economical efficiency are optimal.
High quality national standard steels which are manufactured by domestic large-scale iron and steel enterprise are used.
The professional special vehicle production technique is employed with many years' manufacture experience.
Carbon steel or stainless steel materials are also used.
Our Low Cost HOWO Sewage Suction Truck for Sale vary depending on the requirements, and sewage suction trucks with different sizes are available. There are many exemption products for your choice, which saves your costs.
Domestic and imported vacuum pumps are available to ensure the suction pressure.
Tank front lifting system and double sides lifting system are both available. The open of the rear cover are controlled by cylinder, which promises the using convenience and high efficiency.
Low Cost HOWO Sewage Suction Truck for Sale adopted suction-proof device keeps the sewage from the inside of the vacuum pump efficiently.

Chassis Model Tank Capacity (m3) Suction Depth (m)  Suction Time(min) Tube Diameter (mm)
ZZ1167M4617C 10 6 8 100
ZZ1164G4215C1 10.5 6 8 100
ZZ1257M4647C 15 8 8 140