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Model Number: Z-ST404
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Parameters:?Framework SUS304/acrylic swing arm/carbon steel powder coating
?Thickness: 1.2mm (customized)
?Size: L1200*W280*H1000 mm
?Power supply: AC 220V ±10%/50Hz ±10%
?Swing length: 600mm (customized)
?Swing angle: 0-180 degree
?Pass width <600mm (customized)
?Motor DC : 30W 24V (optional)
?Input interface: 12V dry contact
?Communication interface: TCP/IP or RS485 (optional)
?Passing speed: 30-40 person/min
?Direction: one/two way
?Turn on-off time: 0.6  second
?Unlock time: 2 seconds
?Self-resetting time: 10 seconds
?Working temperature: -15°C-60°C, Relative humidity: ≤95%, No sensation
? Compatible with various access control systems 
? Equipped with international standard interface, enable to integrate with other devices, and remote controlled by supervision computer
? With anti-strike function to protect pedestrian  
? The flaps will open automatically when power-off  and recover N/C mode after power on, conform to fire protection standard   
? LED indicator, green arrow for entry free, red cross for passage locked
? Self-inspection and alarm function if break-down, normal-open/ normal-close mode can be set up in control board
? Reversed passing alarm function, it will alarm if pedestrian pass from opposite direction, or break-in  
? With memory function, availability of  continuous passing by pedestrians  
?Automatically reset function. It will be locked if the pedestrian didn't pass through within preset time, the passing time is adjustable 

Extension functions:
?Voice prompt system can be added, for guiding pedestrian pass correctly (optional)
?Automatic identification, counting function, pedestrian flow control, attendance check or fare collection. (Optional)
?Control panel has memory function (optional)
?Arm length/pass width extendable
?Logic judgment by photocells (8 pair or 10 pairs)
?Counting function of the controller, LED figure display function (optional)

Application:?Sports grounds
?Leisure centres
?Public institutions
?Office blocks
It is flap-gate with unique design, combining modern optical technology with sleek, quiet moving. Crafted in stainless steel cabinetry, our barrier optical units are with different shape per your request, and we can add your company or organization's logo to the barriers. They can be used to create one or multiple-lane.