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Rated Load: 150kg
Display Type: LCD
Power Supply: AA size battery
Type: Medical / Personal Scale
Model Number: chl-818
Brand Name: bodecoder
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Human body composition analyzer gives accurate reading of your body such as weight, BMI, body fat%, skeletal muscle %, bone mineral mass, visceral fat level, basal metabolic rate etc ...


Application: gym, fitness studio, slimming center…

Bodecoder help you know health condition of trainees, select proper exercise program, prevent potential injuries and achieve optimum exercise results.



Application: slimming center, spa & beauty center, nutrition center…

To keep skin moist and tender, must maintain body water% in normal range.

Unguided use of slimming pills or tea is harmful to your health. It makes people lose weight by losing body water.


Some people are more likely to gain weight, because their basal metabolic rate is lower,means they need less energy to sustain the body's everyday functions. Increase the BMR, help clients not easy to gain weight. Bodecoder help you prescribe treatments best suited to clients' required goals and priorities. 



Application:   clinic, drugstore, nutrition &dietitian ...

Body fat serves a vital role in storing energy and protecting internal organs. 

While too much or too little body fat can be just as unhealthy. Bodecoder help people monitor body fat% and prevent potential health problems.


Bone mineral content reflects inorganic minerals content. Excessive weight loss and sweating lead to bone minerals loss. Inadequate bone minerals cause back aching and loose teeth and easily lead to osteoporosis in old age.