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Toilet Seat Type: Closed Front
Toilet Seat Shape: Elongated
Toilet Seat Material: Plastic
Feature: Children,Slow-Close Toilet Seats
Model Number: NS200B1
Brand Name: NAVISANI
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Film material: Recyclable HDPE
Toilet rolls: 130-135 times each roll
Power supply: Adapter and recharegeable battery
Toilet Seat Cover Type: Slow close & soft close
Input voltage: 100-240V
Output voltage: 6-7.5V
Color: White
Certificate: ISO9001
Toilet material: Recyclable plastic
Starting mode: Button


NAVISAIN Sanitary Toilet Seat is controlled by a micro-computer inside, will automatically replace the sanitary film, and destroy the used film by a cutter to ensure one time use, which can solve the public sanitary effectively.

-  Operation Theory:

· NAVISANI toilet seat is automatically controlled by a build-in microcomputer inside, the sanitary wrap will stop after turning exactly one round. The used film roll is destroyed by a cutter to ensure one time use.   

· Just by pressing the stainless steel button or putting your hand before sensor device before your usage, the roller will activate automatically to replace the used seat film with fresh one to ensure a new toilet seat for your every usage, which is much easy & convenient.  

-  Design (Humanized & patented design, leading the trend):

· Ergonomic design;

· Fineness of density;

· Easy installation & operation;       

· Simple but elegant appearance;

· Able to fit 95% of toilet bowls in the market;

-  Material:

· Toilet Seat - ABS(Plastic)

· Film Covering - HDPE(Plastic, food grade) 

-  Film use time: 130-135 times

-  Operating Mode:

· Activated by Stainless Steel Button, stand destroying, exceed 200,000 use times;

-  Microcomputer & Indication Light (Red):

· Overload warning signal: LED light will stay on for 2 seconds;

· If no loading / counter wheel fault / the film roller is not installed in place signal: LED light is on all the time;

· The LED will flash when battery is in low voltage;

· Restarting interval (6 seconds) to avoid waste

-  Power Supply:

· Rechargeable battery: One battery charging can be used more than 3,000 times.

· Adapter: input voltage 100V-240V, output voltage: DC 6-7.5V.

-  Charging Ways:

·  If the power supply is available around the toilet:

       Open the white tarpaulin located on the back of pedestal and have it charged.

· If the power supply is not available around the toilet:

 A. push the lever on the bottom, then take out the seat and have it charged where power supply is available.
 B. open the cover located on the back of pedestal, pull the red ribbon and take out the battery, then have it recharged where available.

-  Soft Closing Cover:

· NAVISANI toilet cover have a damper, which can make it close softly, exceed 50,000 use times.

-  Replacement Warning:

· A red line will appear when the seat film remains 1-2m, it reminds you to replace the film roll .

-  Application Scope:

· Horizontal distance: 130-200mm (Distance between two installation holes)

· Vertical distance: 450-490mm (From center between two installation holes to the top front of toilet bowl)

-  Other Functions and Protective System:

· Anti Flaming

· LED Light Warning

· Overload Protection

· Counter Fault Warning 

· Auto Replacement of Film Rolls

· Restarting Interval (6 seconds)

· Low Battery Power Voltage Warning

· All Metals Components are Anti-corrosion