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  • LION KING air cushion is life saving jump cushion and provide fast help when space is restricted at the rescue site.

  • LION KING air cushion offer a safe solution for the rescue of trapped rescue personnel and protect a jumping person from avoidable injuiries

  • Model 5*4*16m 6*4*16m 8*6*20m 10*6*25m
    Specification 5*4*2.5m 6*4*2.5m 8*6*2.5m 10*6*3m
    Max testing height 16m 20m 30m 30m
    Max bearing weight 75kg 100kg 100kg 180kg
    Inflation time 25s 35s 43s 80s
    Net Weight 75kg 87kg 50kg 180kg
    Material High Strength Resistance Fiber
    LION KING can customize the cushion size as per your request

    Lion King Air Cushion Application:

    All places which can easily catch fire because of the high population density and mobility,such as dormitories,residential building,downtown,malls,office buildings