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In the front of the automobiles, or outside of the loudspeaker box, you will find the expanded metal grilles.

Expanded metal grilles can be made of iron steel sheet or aluminum steel sheet. The different materials expanded metal grilles are manufactured into different hole patterns. The common hole patterns can be diamond hole patterns, hexagonal hole patterns, oval mesh patterns. To improve the corrosion and rust resistance and service life, the iron steel sheet will be galvanized or PVC coated as customers' request.

Expanded metal car grill

Expanded metal car grill is installed in the front of vehicles, including truck, agriculture vehicles. The main function of expanded metal car grill is bringing fresh air into the condenser of radiator and air conditioner. In this way, it has perfect heat dissipation performance and the service life will be longer than before. Additional, the expanded metal grilles have outstanding decorative performance, different hole patterns and colors can let your vehicles outstanding and special.

Expanded metal speaker grill

Speaker grill is installed on the surface of various types of loudspeakers. Expanded metal speaker grill is made of high quality iron steel and then expanded into different hole patterns. The expanded metal speaker grilles can protect driver element and speaker internals from external impacts and penetrations from foreign objects. It can ensure the sound clearing passing and playing.

Features of expanded metal speaker grilles

  • Corrosion and rust resistance. Galvanized or PVC coated surface treatment can ensure the excellent corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Noise reduction. The expanded metal speaker grilles can reduce the surrounding noise and let the sound clearly passing and playing.
  • Protection. The expanded metal speaker grill can protect the internal driver element and speaker from external impacts and penetrations.
  • Easy to cut. The expanded metal speaker grill can be cut into shapes whatever you want, you can enjoy the happy time of DIY.
  • Logo customized. If you want to add your logo on the speaker grill, just send us you logo, we will customize it for you.