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Usage: Tensile Testing Machine
Power: Electronic
Brand Name: ASTM
Warranty: 12 months
weight: 30kg
Model Number: DB-30


Electric Control Tensile Test specimens Gauge Meter DB-30
1. Overview
DB-DX Type Gauge Length Meter (Striking Point Machine) is the special equipment which is designed and made according
to stipulation in national standard GB/T228-2002 <Metal material room time tensile testing method>.this machine adopts
High-precision ball screw to locate correctly and uses import transducer to collecting rotation signal to drive high-frequency
Electromagnet to strike point synchronously.Gauge length is correct, high-efficient and easy to operate. It's the necessary
Matching equipment for labs.

2. Main technical parameters:
Model   DB-30
Control manner   electric 
Point space   5mm/100 
Striking point no.Each time   single point
Longest gauge   300mm
Dimension    460*315*450mm

3. Working principle
this equipment use micro-motor as the power, through drive high precision ball screw rotation
Synchronously, thus promote the punch movement horizontally.Screw rotated every circle
(or half circle), impact needle marching 10mm (or 5mm), meanwhile sensors to collect a signal and
Drive the high-frequency electromagnet with impact needle for dotting. Motor continuous operation
and can continuously dot 60 (5mm) or 30 (10mm). Such driving struck way has no special requirement
to screw speed whether uniform. It can also ensure the precision of gauge length even if the rotation
Speed is uneven.
Electric Control Tensile Test specimens Gauge Meter DB30