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Model Number: KT322E
Brand Name: Koten
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


ESD access control system, anti-static access channel, stand-alone systems (integrated human static test access channel gate) is a combination of static test ban control gate and channel advanced products; in many settings electrostatic protection areas (EPA) in places where static footwear and static wrist strap testing are based on the traditional way of testing only be, difficult to implement untested first time by personnel prohibited from entering the case of the EPA; ESD access control system for this shortcoming, direct and effective solution to the problem, workers entering the EPA zone really good staff wear or anti-static wrist strap shoes ready, combine three roller gates, wing gates, swing gates, automatic door sensors, etc.. As electronic locks or access gates ESD anti-static test personnel access control equipment. Plant personnel can provide basic access control functions and static test ways and orderly civilization, did not enter the EPA to eliminate electrostatic protection areas by electrostatic testers, and rapid control off the rod or gate, organize evacuations in case of emergency.

A. Body Static Tester PE168-STG (Resistance display and output):

Power supply

8-12V DC 100mA, supplied by turnstile/gate



Voltage and current

Maximum voltage: ± 400V (peak, DC or AC)
Switching current Maximum: 100mA, theContactResistance of about 30Ω


Metal shell



Test Accuracy


Communication Interface 


Working temperature and humidity

-10-70 Degrees Celsius indoor use, about 60 percent humidity

Resistance display


LCD Display

2.4-inch color touch-screen display, cell display resistance at a glance

the level of standard setting

Single use: from the touch screen to enter the administrator password is set via
Internet use: from 6808ESD controller software Remote Setup

Testable wrist footwear

Single-wire wrist strap, double wrist band, left shoes and right shoes

Wrist strap jack

2-hole single line, double 2-hole

Test button

Touch-type, non-ordinary button shrapnel, durable

Open signal output

Access includes opening and closing signal output (dryContact)


the tester according to GJB 3007-97, SJ / T 10694-2006 and ANSI ESD S20.20 standard production, is able to quickly and easily test a wrist strap and foot ring, conductive shoes or wearing anti-static shoes devices circumstances, practical measurement range of 0.1MΩ ~ 1000MΩ, less than 10% full scale accuracy. Tester operation is very simple, green values indicate normal, yellow values are expressed as close to the limit value, while red indicates that the test failed value (specific methods see test instructions). the user can set the relevant parameters required tests.

Other model: KT112+ESD

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