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Model Number: CL012
Brand Name: CL
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)



easy to transport set up tear down and cleanAluminum construction formworkDepending on the national technical center, national laboratories and perfect aluminum production lines and advances aluminum welding processing advantages of Conglin Group, introduce Korea advanced design & installation technology, combining sales, leasing, construction, supplied new generation of aluminum Al-form system.

in 2014, Conglin Al-form invested one billion to build new plant of 200 mu, the aluminum template annual production up to 500,000 square meters.

the company owned more than 50 experienced professionals including designers, Korean technology experts and industry consultants, more than 500 manufacturing and construction professionals. Provide engineering design, production, processing, hosting, refurbishment, recycling, training, construction and other supporting services for major real estate development companies, construction companies, leasing companies. 

Aluminum formwork is the best choice for both high and low-rise concrete construction projects.WhichProvides a versatile solution for forming concrete structures in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

like other types of formwork, aluminum formwork can be purchased or rented. It is possible to rent forms for small to medium projects; if the user will be doing concrete projects frequently, it is best to buy forms that can be reused. Aluminum is a good choice because it will generally be less expensive than other types of formwork, is easily stored and transported, and can be easily cleaned between uses to ensure the panels can be used for future projects.

1. Material and composition

(1). Definition: Aluminum Al-form system is to processed aluminum extrusion profiles into aluminum template, so that to maximize the efficiency of the construction on site.

(2). Material: A6061-T6

(3). Characteristic:




Specific gravity



Tensile strength



Stress intensity



Zero coefficient



Our quality assure:

1.Perfect material(industry) chain:Conglin aluminum group company has grown into the largest domestic industrial aluminum profiles production base. Currently, 10000T, 9000T, 8000T, etc.., totally 18 production lines which can extrude profiles with large size.

2.A complete welding management system consisting of national welding engineers and technicians, senior welding quality inspectors and welding PT inspection personnel, and welding VT personnel.

3.Inspection system:Various testing equipment required by EN15085-2CL1, national aluminum profiles and welding testing and inspection center capable of inspection an tests in metallographic, chromatographic, chemical and mechanical aspects, and digital ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray flaw detector, DHP-06 high purity argon analyzer and DY-L dew point analyzer capable pf process control on welding seams and welding gas.