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Application: Commercial
Rated Current: N/A
Rated Voltage: 12V
Grounding: Non-Grounding
Type: Electrical Plug
Model Number: CTS001
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Product Name: eMMC169 eMMC153 Adapter
min order: 1pcs
Wholesale: top


eMMC BGA169 BGA153 Test Socket To SD eMMC169 eMMC153 Adapter
eMMC BGA169 BGA153 Test Socket To SD eMMC169 eMMC153 Adapter

eMMC pitch 0.5mm 30pin

eMMC BGA169 BGA153 Specifications:

1. Apply to eMMC of for Samsung, for Sandisk, for Toshiba, for Hynix, for Micron, for MTK and Intel.
2. Apply to BGA 169 and BGA 153.
3. eMMC data could be read and re-written fastly.
4. With 30 pins and pin pitch 0.5mm.
5. Apply to eMMC thickness of 0.8mm to 1.5mm.
6. eMMC size of this product is 14x18mm, we also provide other sizes of
7. Life cycle is around 25000 times.
8. Test can be done with or without solder ball.

eMMC BGA169 BGA153 Feature:

This programming adapter is an easy use tool to connect chip and PC. Just like a U disk!

1) It is designed to read and write data. It's easier to do data recovery.
2) Apply to: mobile, data recorder, the Internet of things, etc.
3) Support all brands, such as for Samsung, for Hynix, for Sandisk, for Toshiba, for Intel, for Kingston etc.
4) Support hot plug, it can be directly connected to PC with USB.
5) Well designed to connect flat bottom, solder ball, even if no ball.
6) Long life span: 100,000times (Mechanical. Another Alloy type is 30Ktimes)