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Bussystem gas detection transmitter

Basic parameters:

Size: 144 mm * 190 mm * 74 mm
Weight: about 1130 g
Sensor types: electrochemistry method

(gas Catalytic combustion type, special separately)
Destination gas: oxygen (O2), gas (EX),

Poisonous and harmful gases (CO, H2S, NH3, CL2, etc.)

Response Time: ≤30s(O2);≤40s(CO);≤20s(EX)

Working Pattern: continuous work
Working voltage: DC24V
Output signal: 485 digital signal

Output: four wire (two power cord, two signal lines)
Temperature range: - 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Humidity:  15% ~ 90% RH (No condensation)

Explosion-proof Number: CE10 1084
Explosion-proof marks: Exd II CT6

Connection Mode: four wire connection mode,

in strict Accordance with the manual connection
Transmission cables: two core shielded cable or a four core shielded cable,
Section 2*1.5mm2*2 or 4*1.5mm2
Transmission distance: < 1000 m