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Key Specifications/ Special Features:
- Well qualified to the External Magnetic Field
- Output: Digital Sensor
- Usage: Consumption Sensor
- Theory: Magnetic Sensor
- Material: Metal
- Diameter: 120/190/305 
- Frequency range: 0 to 16MHz
- Test current range: 1A to 100kA
- Rated current: 500mA to 300,000A
- Rated output (Full scale FS):1Vrms
- Output limit: 300%FS
- Operating temperature range:-25°C to +70°C
- Bandwidth: 1Hz to 1MHz
- Phase shift: 90±0.1 degrees
- Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading
- Temperature Sensitivity: 0.08% per °C
- Insulation Temperature Level: Class E
- Inherent Linearity Characteristics
- More than 20KA for Linearity Excellence
- Supreme rejection of AC external fields
- Perfect Immunity to DC external magnets
- Accurate linearity frequency response: up to 20kHz
- Faster response times to fault
- RoHS compliant
- Insulation temperature level: Class E
- Sample Price: Depending on the present product price
- Delivery Time: 7-15 days after received your Purchase Order
- Customized accepted
- Very high current monitoring
- DC ripple measurement
- Harmonics and transient monitoring
- Power monitoring & control systems
- Applicable in electronic Watt-hour meter
- Ideal for precision protection and measurements
- Suitable for ACB, VCB, GIS and welding machine
- Monitoring current waveforms for semiconductor switches
- Development and servicing of power electronic equipment
- Monitoring high frequency sinusoidal currents
- Measuring fault currents or circuit breaker interruption currents
- Measuring pulses of current
- Measuring AC currents superimposed on large DC currents
- Measuring harmonic current components
- Measuring signal or earth leakage currents in 3-phase supply systems

RoHS Compliant Flexible Rogowski Coil SensorCurrent Transformer Current Probe
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