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Usage: Timer Switch
Theory: Electronic
Model Number: EKU-63A
Brand Name: EKI
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


15A 125V Programmable Weekly Digital Timer Energy Saving USA Grounded Plugin Timer Socket

Digital Timer
1. Quick, Easy to Use
2. LCD Display
3. Make Your Life More Convenient


1. 8 on/off programs
2. Min. Setting time: 1 sec.
3. Mix setting time:7 days.
4. Energy-saving timer switches
5. Rechargeable NI-MH battery
6. Compact and elegant design for easy use.
7. Multi-countries styles with different plug and socket.Design and produce according to customers request.
8.Imported ABS flame-retardant materials.and material with high-temperature resistant.
9.most comparative price.
10.Convenient and reliable motor connection.
Used for in-house appliance controing,time-controlled switching off,for example:TV,lighting,heating system,as well as sprinker systems for terrariums,humidifiers,flow pumps for aquariums.Ventilators,dosing and CO2 systems manual switchover of operation modes Automatic,Permanent ON.
Product Size:12.6X7.3X7.9 CM

Product description:

1: Set clear screen display with operating prompts
2: Designed for home security can freely Association.
3: Minimum setting time of 1 minute, maximum setting time of a week.
4: high conductivity copper, nickel plated, anti- rust, heat smaller, copper structural optimization and longer life.
5: Housing made of imported PC material flame retardant, so that higher product safety

most adequate materials, longest life, lowest repair the built- in rechargeable battery as a backup power supply in case of power from the mains, and still maintain the timing of the display and storage of data up to six months or moreWith rechargeable battery, charging plug can Small wildcard port can be connected to two plug three plug Bandpass off lights Mode can be changed with the function, you can always switch long -state, long- timer off state or state Applications: rice cookers, water dispensers, heaters, liquid electric mosquito coils and other electrical appliances, electric vehicle batteries, digital camera batteries, cell phone battery, home security, etc.