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Brand Name: 1 Armour
Place of Origin: Malaysia
Armour car: Armor glass
Bulletproof film: Bulletproof laminates
Bullet proof glass: Bullet proof car


STEC laminates is Incorporated in Malaysia and started manufacturing and producing vehicle Armouring material since year 2000 under the brand:


with its special Research and Development team with high grade Chemistry and Plastic technology Qualification, STEC has done thousand of Test and trial on Material, Adhesive, Know how, Method, Skill and ways to make Its product to be the Best in the world and with simple application guide line Which allow anybody to make their own Bulletproof glass and Bulletproof door.

up to today, STEC's Product has been exported to more than 25 countries with more than 200 dealers Worldwide and still expanding.

with STEC special Material and technology break through, STEC stays No: 1 in Malaysia and Worldwide in vehicle Glass and Door protection industry.

 Cash in Transit Security Van or Vehicle