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Model Number: HG-506AL
Brand Name: OEM
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Best choice Cheap gas alarm AC110V-220V gas leak detector Lpg Gas Alarm Detector
Main functions and characteristics:
1. Because of the high-quality electronic components, advanced weld technology together with strict and scientific technologies on aging test, checking and debugging which ensure every product has the characteristics of stability, reliability and long life-span
2. Various output way for users to choose
3. Can make a sound and light alarm
4. Drive the fans, electromagnetic valves and other devices, or to transmit the alarm signals to the control system via cables automatically when find dangerous
5. Its convenience to install on the wall or absorbed on the ceiling in the kitchens of families, hotel, or the place easy to leak out combustible gas

Product specificationOperating Voltage: AC220V
Warm-up Time: about 180S
Alarm Level: 10%LEL
Alarm Indicator: red LED flashes
Sound Level:85dB/m
Operating Temperature: -10 to +50
Environment Humidity: 95% RH 
Installation Mode: ceiling mounted
Alarm Output: when alarm,will send out sound and light alarm to the alarm center.
Failure indicator:yellow LED on & beeper long-buzz
Combustible Gas Detector
Optional gas
All sorts of combustible gases,LPG, Natural Gas,city gas for all kitchens
Alarm consecration
10% LEL
Power consumed
Operating temperature
Use method/Output way
 Match with Gas alarm/monitor system
Best choice Cheap gas alarm AC110V220V gas leak detector Lpg Gas Alarm Detector
Best choice Cheap gas alarm AC110V220V gas leak detector Lpg Gas Alarm Detector