Product Main


Principle of product:Laminated paper is also Called holographic rainbow laminated paper. First, all kinds of holographic Patterns are transferred onto films, then films are laminated onto different Type of paper. The surface of the paper added the special effect after printing Is different to the normal paper, and holographic patterns make packages Beautiful and to anti-counterfeiting. 

Characteristic of product:

Holographic (Laser) paper is composited by good paper and holographic film with advantages of high metallic, high of luster, well hardness. 
Holographic (Laser) paper is a Favorite material for printing. the water-solubility dope is used in bottom, no Pollution and no smell.

Usefulness of product:

200-400g product: the Package of cigarette, wine, medicine, cosmetic, foodstuff.

Spec of product:

Holographic (Laser) Paper, maximum width is 800mm, maximum length is 1015mm.
Holographic (Laser) paper, maximum width is 800mm, maximum diameter is 1600mm.

232g matte silver black paper