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Brand Name: Leeder
Testing Standards: CE
Weight: 76g
Size: 120mmx50mmx24mm
Dimensions: 120mmx50mmx24mm
Model Number: LD 100E
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Single, MMax. / Min. & Continuous Measurement 
Area / Volume / Pythagoras   
Unit Setting  
Angle         45
VTN Display Screen
Buzzer Indicator   
Data Records         99
Auto Calibration  
Water proof  IP54
Battery Indicator  
Laser Auto. Switch off          30s
Instrument Auto. Switch off         3 minutes

Measuring Range                             0.05m~100m
Measuring Accuracy(Standard Deviation)          2.0mm
Measuring Unit                               m,ft,in,' "
Laser type                                   Class II, 1mW
Wave length of laser                            620 ~ 690nm
Single Measurement Time                        0.25s
Operating Temperature                          0 ~ 40
Storage Temperature                            -20 ~ 65
Batteries                                      AA(Alkaline), 2x1.5V
Measurements Per Battery Set                     8000
Weight (without Batteries)                        Approximately76g 
Dimensions (LWH)                           120mmx50mmx24mm

Laser Distance Meter LD 100E