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Type: Steel Frame & Purlin Machine


1.Spray epoxy powder coating on the surface of threaded reinforcement; Using shot blasting pretreatment to reduce the impact on the environment. Using electrostatic spraying process, powder coating sprayed on the surface of the pretreated steel, forming a tough, impermeable, continuous insulation of steel. Epoxy powder coating can be recycled through the recycling system. Coated steel bar is widely used in high-speed railway, bridge, highway, airport, tunnel, water engineering, concrete buildings, etc.

the coating thickness after curing: 0.18 — 0.30 mm ( 90 % not less than 0.18 ). the coating shall be uniform, and the deviation of the average thickness shall not exceed 0.05 mm.

2. Epoxy resin coated steel is a coating of Epoxy powder coating on ordinary steel surface. the reinforcement and use of this steel bar can effectively prevent the corrosion of steel in bad Environment. to improve the durability of the engineering structure greatly; the main characteristics of epoxy coating reinforcement are: Excellent chemical Corrosion resistance; after the formation of the coating and metal adhesion, Shrinking, Large ductility, effective barrier erosion material; Prolong the Service life of the building for more than 50 years, avoid Freedom from Inconvenience and expensive costs caused by maintenance or demolition.


3. Epoxy resin coated steel bar production Line; the reinforcement is a large surface treatment flow in strict control. On Line, the electrostatic spraying process, powder coating spray coating on the Surface of the pretreated steel bar Upper, formed with a tough, impermeable, Continuous insulation of the steel bar. Epoxy powder coating Recycling the System can be recycled.


4. Having a good give, not visible to the Naked eye within the waiban circle of the bending A crack or loss of adhesion. the coating shall have chemical corrosion, heat and humidity environmental Corrosion, cathodic stripping and chloride penetration. Enough resistance the Coating thickness, continuity and give are used to judge the coating. Quantity Basis


5. the production line of epoxy resin Coating shall be shot blasting, shot blasting treatment, heating, electrostatic Spraying, and Cooling, cutting and other seven parts, each of which consists of Small parts. and in strict control The large surface treatment pipeline is Finished at once.

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