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No matter where you are going, on a long journey, on a sight-seeing, or even in the traffic jam, this FREE -COOL Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer also called Mini Fridge, Portable Refrigerator,? Car Refrigerator, could provide you with comfortable food or drinks at anytime. Light and easy-carrying,? this product is perfect for the students and employees to keep cold / hot food or drinks in a small place of their own. It could provide you with cold drinks in hot summer and warm foods in cold winter. With elegant appearances and practical performance,? it is suitable for you to use at home, in the office, or in you car, enabling you to enjoy a little while of leisure and ease with a cup of sweet cold beverage in hand, after a long time of hard working. No noise generated by compr-essor, no pollution produced by CFC, this product has many features: long life, low power consumption, simple construction, light and compact, easy repair etc.