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MgO board can replace gypsum board, cement pressure board, plywood Board, can be used as partition board, ceiling board, floor board, dorr board, Tube, fireproof board, basement waterproof bare board, loading board, container Floor board, exterior wall cladding board, fireproof door core board, package and other decorative board etc. It has advantage characteristic of super Fireproof, waterproof. Moistureproof, high strength, light weight, insulation Energy-saving.


Magnesium oxide board(MGO Board) have been used primarily as 

Fireproof materials for walls and ceilings in office buildings, apartment

Complexes, residential constructions, hotels, theatres, restaurants, railway stations, airports, scientific research institutions, schools, hospitals, and stadiums. Some patterned products have been used as decorative boards.


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Jiangsu Lanquan New Material Inc.,Ltd is specialized manufacturer of new energy saving & environmental building Material such as Fireproof Magnesium Oxide Boards,Wall Panels,Partition Boards,Exterior Wall Claddings,Furniture Boards,Floor Boards…

Our products exported to Canada,South&East Asia,Australia, enjoyed high reputation overseas. We've passed ISO9001,CE,WH& ETL certificate successfully.

Fire Resistant Class A1 waterproof Safe Building Material partition Mgo Board Magnesium Oxide Board