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Output Power: 1.5w-100w
Output Voltage: 0.5kv-50kv
Brand Name: WISMAN
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


the DEL Series is small dimension high voltage power supply. It features a 0.5kV~50kV high voltage output and 1.5W ~100W power. It is mainly applied to scientific research and Industry. It can actualized output voltage and current remote control by External potentiometer. the DEL is provided with External voltage monitor and current monitor, safety interlock, short-circuit,arc, and over voltage protection.  

Capacitor Charging, Electronic Component Aging, Insulation Test, High Voltage Testing, Electron Beam /Ion Beam,Focus Ion Beam, Ion Inpouring, Lithography Technology, Electrostatic  Applications, Electrostatic  Deflexion,  Electrospinning, Electrophoresis Capillary Electrophoresis, Microchip Electrophoresis, DNA sequencing, Piezoelectricity material Testing,Science,Laboratory Applications, Industrial  Applications.

Input:86~256VAC,Maximum 5.0A .
Output:0.5~50kV Maximum output Voltage option,1.5W~100W power option.
Stability:0.02% per 8 hours after 1/2 hour warm-up.
Temperature Coefficient:≤25ppm/℃.
Ripple:0.01% p-p of maximum rated output voltage.
Voltage  Programming:
Front panel: voltage are continuously adjustable from 0 to maximum voltage by internal potentiometers.
External  remote:voltage  are  continuously adjustable  from 0  to  maximum  voltage by 0 ~ +10Vdc External  voltage.
Current  Programming(option):
Front panel: current are continuously adjustable from  0 to maximum  current by internal potentiometers.
External  remote:current  are  continuously  adjustable  from  0  to  maximum  current by 0 ~ +10VdcExternal voltage.
Voltage/Current Monitor:0 ~ +10Vdc volt corresponds to 0 to maximum output, Zout=11kΩ, accuracy:±1%.
Remote Voltage Monitor:JB2 contain a 0 ~ +10Vdc voltage signal,it can connect digitalor index display.
Voltage Load Regulation:0.01% ( no load to full load change).
Voltage Line Regulation:±0.01% (input voltage line change±10%).
Current Load Regulation:0.01% ( no load to full load change).
Current Line Regulation:±0.01% (input voltage line change±10%).
HV output  connector:series output option(1m);
Input connector:DB15 connector,contain control and monitor signal.  
Operating Temperature:0℃~+50℃.
Storage  Temperature:-40℃~+85℃
Dimensions:5.51" H x 5.11" W x 9.45" D(140.00mm x 130.00mm x240.00mm).

Power supply Rack mount DEL