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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Step-in plastic electric fence post consists of UV resistant polypropylene I-beam, heavy-duty steel stake, holding insulators along the PP post and foot flange at the joint of the post and the stake. Lengths of plastic step-in post range from 2' to 4' 6" and the number of insulators is varied depending on the length. for example, 4' 6" high electric fence post designed for horse fence has 7 loops for tape and 3 for twine or rope.

White and tall electric fence post with single footplate.
EFP-01: White step-in electric fence post.
Ribbed I-beam polypropylene post adds strength. Footplate, single or double, easily set the post into the ground. When the posts are pushed into the soil, the metal spike holds the post in position and about an inch foot plate goes in the soil too. this can prevent the post from turning in the ground.

Product description:

Item: Electric fence post.
Plastic post: 4 ft.
Metal spike: 8 inch.
Post material: UV resistant polypropylene.
Spike material: steel 82B.
Color: white, green, black or as required.
Package: 50 or 100 pcs/carton.


Temporary or electric fence.
Marker posts for events of clubs.
Rotational grazing.
Used as fencing post for flower and vegetable garden.
Crowd control.
Vertical plate stake.
Electric Fence Post