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Brand Name: Koten
Card type: Mifare, Ultralight, 1K, 4K, Plus
Communication: iButton (Dallas TM), Wiegand 26(34)
Dimension: 26*26*22mm
Frequency: 13.56Mhz
Model Number: Z2MF
Place of Origin: Russian Federation
Range of card reading: 2-6cm


Z2MF reader 
Mifare, Ultralight, 1K, 4K, Plus 
IButton (Dallas TM), Wiegand 26(34) 
12 V 
35 miliamper 
External control of light 
TU 4372-002-38111914-2015 


Controller is used in access Control systems (ACS). 
It is used to read and transfer ID numbers to the controller 
Maps, key fobs or bracelet with mark 
Via protocol 
Dallas Touch Memory (Ibutton) and Wiegand 26(34). 
Additionally, the reader can operate in modes Using the reading and recording of memory functions 
Key fobs or bracelet with mark 
Mifare Classic. 


in standby mode, there is a red Light. 
at the moment of touch by key fob, the red light Will turn off for one second. 
while the card close to the reader, the light Indication is disabled. 
If the jumper of light control is cut, there is No red light in standby mode, but there will be the light for one second at the Moment of touching by key fob. 
the reader has additional modes when working with special software and hardware. the operation is described in the manual for the software. 


Color - Purpose of wire. 
Red - Power Plus from 8 to 18 V. 
Black - power minus, common wire. 
Green - Data 0 / Dallas TM Output, TM centeral. 
White - Data 1. 
Yellow - External control of red LED.


Smallest Round MF RFID Reader 1356Mhz


Reader - 1. 
Nut - 1 PC 
Packaging - 1 PC.

Smallest Round MF RFID Reader 1356Mhz

the reader is mounted on a flat Surface in place where you can touch the key fob to reader without any Problems. 
Mark and drill the hole for mounting the reader. 
Insert the reader into the hole and secure it with mounting nut. 
Connect the wires to the reader. 
1 - red LED 
2 - retention ring 


Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz 
Type readable cards: Mifare, Ultralight, 1K, 4K, Plus 
Range of card reading to 2-6 cm 
Protocol for connection to the controller: IButton (Dallas Touch Memory, emulation DS1990A), Wiegand 26 
Maximum length of line from reader to Controller: up to 15m 
Power supply: 8 - 18 VDC 
Current consumption: 35 mA 
Light indication: Red LED 
Housing material: Polyamide 
Size (mm): Diameter 25 mm., Height 22 mm. 


Converter is designed to Operate in the absence of: 
Atmospheric fallouts, sunshine and humidity Condensation. 
Operating conditions 
Temperature from -30 ° C to +40 ° C; 
Relative humidity less than 98% (at 25 ° C). 
When there are changes in maintenance Conditions, the specification of product may differ from the nominal values. 
Storage conditions (group L according to GOST 15150-69) 
Temperature from +5 ° C to +40 ° C; 
Relative humidity less than 80% (at 25 ° C). 
Transportation conditions: 
Temperature from -50° C to +50 ° C; 
Relative humidity less than 98% (at 25 ° C). 


the warranty period is 12 Months from the date of sale. Reasons for termination of the warranty: 
- nonadherence to the following manual; 
- mechanical damages; 
- the evidence of impact of water and corrosive Substances; 
- the evidence of improper interference in the Circuit. 
- Lifetime - 6 years.