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Dimensions: 50mmRT Fittings
Technique: Pultrusion
Surface Treatment: Smooth,UV resistant.
Application: Hand Rail System
Brand Name: Bell


Pipe Fittings Fiberglass Pipe Connectors
We are manufacturing FRP/GRP Handrail Fitting Connectors. Fiberglass (FRP/GRP) pultrusion handrail guardrail and fence system including all the FRP fittings.  We have one system with diameter of 50mm round tube, the other system is with 50x50mm and 60x60mm square tube handrail, 76x76mm 101x101mm fence. We have accessories to supply with FRP materials, such as FRP handrail connector parts, foot etc. And we can produce it according to your request and drawings.

 Bell Construction Material Co.,Ltd. Is a professional composite manufacturer and exporter with the certificate ISO 9001, the products include molded gratings, pultruded gratings as well as structural profiles etc, which are sold to places all over the world, and have already won a good reputation in market home and abroad. 
  the company processes an excellent transportation condition, which offers a convenient advantage for the import and export transportation.
  with over 40 molds for grating fabrication, we can satisfy your special needs and deliver the products to you at a more rapid speed.
   in compliance with the policy of "Assurance of quality results in confidence from customers", the company always dedicates itself to providing customers with our reliable products and completed service. 
  If you are interested in any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact me for more details. We are looking forward to developing business relationships with you.