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Dimensions: no
Technique: no
Surface Treatment: no
Application: water treatment plant
Brand Name: ZS


FRP Grating is produced by Glass fiber braiding, casting resin Integral moulding, with many regular distribution of the rectangle and square space of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plate, has two way Mechanics  characteristics. 

Can be widely used in oil, Chemical electronics, electric power, paper, printing and dyeing, electroplating, Marine exploration, sewage treatment and other industries' work platform. Equipment platform, drilling platform, walkway, etc. Is the ideal product in the corrosive environment.

High Strength FRP Grp Profiles fiberglass Floor Grating Features:

(1) the corrosion of various chemical medium resistance, never rust, use cycle is long, free of maintenance.

(2) flame retardant.

(3) insulation, non-magnetic.

(4) has a slight elasticity, can reduce fatigue, enhance intimacy, improve work efficiency.

(5) light weight, high strength and easy cutting, installation.

(6) inside and outside the uniformity of color can be arbitrary choice.Can according to customer request custom color, improve the environment in the workplace.

(7) has better comprehensive economic benefit.

(8) can design sex is strong, flexible and varied


Platform grating,

Trench cover,

Double ground,

Grating walkway,


Stair tread,

Condole top,

Found board,

Drain grating,

Car washes the floor, etc

FRP GRP fiberglass molded and pultruded grating