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Temperature range: 25C~40C
Accuracy: +0.5,-0.5
Theory: Temperature Recorder
Usage: Indoor
Model Number: JY-OTS-800P30
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Test Dust: Dry Talcum Powder


IEC60950 IEC61032 Standard IP6X Sand Dust Test Chamber
IEC60950 IEC61032 Standard IP6X Sand Dust Test Chamber
Quick Details:
1.Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
2.Brand Name:JY-OTS-800P30
4.Usage:IP protection sand and dust test chamber
6.Metal screen wire diameter:50um
7.Screen line space:75um
8.Environment temperature and humidity:15~45C, 45~75%RH
9.Test standards:Test standards: GB4706,GB2423,GB7000.1,IEC60529
10.Dimension:All size Customized
11.Dust concentration:2~4kg/m3
12.Test time:0~999.9hr
13.Test dust:Dry talcum powde
14.Inner material:SUS #304

Working principle of chamber:
     Centrifugal Fan is the main source of dust movement, the high-speed operation of the fan so that dust into the fan due to the centrifugal force of the Role of fan blades into the dust pipe dust. the wind speed of the Pipeline is usually more than 7.5m / s (too low wind speed will make the Dust precipitate in the pipeline will cause the test tube can not Work). the dust line was sprayed from above into the test chamber and Passed through the sample at a rate of> 2 m / s. Sand and dust Chamber As the lower part of the working box for the funnel, it can Precipitate down the dust into the lower part of the 72 50um filter. through the vibrating motor vibration, less than the diameter of the Filter hole in the dust and centrifugal fan sucked so back and forth. 

the main technical parameters
JY-OTS-800P JY-OTS-1000P JY-OTS-1500P
Workroom Size(DWH)mm 800800800 80010001000 100010001000 100015001000
Technical Index and Material inner SUS import stainless steel plate
shell Cooling steel plate,surface spray
Electrical control systems PLC Controler
Temperature control Touch- temperature controller
Blower Time 1S-99H(optional)
Vibration time 1S-99H(optional)
Timing range 0-99H
Dust dosage 2-4kg/m
Dust dimensions <=32m33%.32m-250m67%
Mesh Diameter 50um
Wire Spacing 75um
Mode of operation Procedure
Dehumidify Electric heating
Temperature range 25C-40C
Fairlead 50mm. with sealing plug
Inspection window(mm) Visible glass window with scraper
the time of lighting and energize Adjustable opening and closing
Pumping time 60 times ,Gas volume inner of Hull/hour
Pressure differential 2kPa(20mbar)
Blowing machine Stainless centrifugal fan
Vacuum system Pressure gauge,air filter regulator,triple pieces of Voltage,connecting pipe
Electric components Contactor, switch and button  import from France Schneider and FULI" japan
Electric socket Dust-protected socket,16A 220V
Standards Applied GB4208-93 method of dust proof experiment ;method of dust proof experimen;
GB2423.37-89 basic environmental test of electronic product for clectrician  LA. Free-falling dust;
Satisfy rank of protection: IP5

Electronic and Control systems:
1. the main controller LCD touch screen, can do programmable test 
2. PLC complex man-machine interface control, contrived moving time, rest time and power-on time setting.
3. Multiple sets of test procedures can be planned in the interface, and Each group can be arbitrarily set the desired action, easy to operate.
4. If a fault occurs in the operation of various signals are written records will be displayed to facilitate maintenance.
5. Touch the setting, digital direct display, all the conditions fully automatic locking by a microcomputer.
6. Imported electronic temperature and humidity sensor, not need to cleanup.  

Construction and materials:

1.Inner materials:SUS#304 stainless steel plate

2.External materials:A3 plate spray powder

3.with a large viewing window on the door

4.Unique duct design to ensure that chamber can

Produce non-laminated vertical circulation flow

Technical parameters

1.Wire netting wire: 50um

2.Sieves hole size:75um

3.the concentration of dust inside the chamber and tubes will be 2Kg/m

4.Flow rate:less than 2m/s

5.Talcum dosage:2kg/ m

Control system

1.Precision PID digital instrumentation

2.PT100 sensor

3.Safety devices

4.Meter over-temperature protection

5.Power phase protection

6.Leakage circuit breaker

7.Power:AC 1 phase 220V 50Hz

8.Door: Tempered glass door

Controller:Programmable controller (this controller has the following variety of arbitrary control functions)

A. Dust time (stop blowing) h / m / s adjustable

B. Cycle: adjustable

C. Default Test time: 0s ~ 999h99m99s adjustable

D. Energized: off - on - off

Hair dryer:Plastic centrifugal fan

Use of the environment:Temp 20-30degs Humidity:50-70%HR

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IEC60950 IEC61032 Standard IP6X Sand Dust Test Chamber
IEC60950 IEC61032 Standard IP6X Sand Dust Test Chamber
IEC60950 IEC61032 Standard IP6X Sand Dust Test Chamber
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Packaging Details:Strong wooden case for 

Delivery Detail:30 days after getting the payment 

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Q1:  Can you customize the product?

   A:   Yes, we can customize any products according to requirements.

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   A:   Our professional team will give you the best suggestion,just be  patiently to tell us the information about the parameters your Required.

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   A:   Firstly, for standard chamber we had 3-5 days commissioning Before shipping, you just need link power in your lab, then can start to operate

     Secondly; we had detailed operation manual with chamber, any problems you can find and solve in it
      Thirdly, some of customized chambers we should to install and teach your team to operate.

IEC60950 IEC61032 Standard IP6X Sand Dust Test Chamber

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