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Brand Name: BMT SCIENTIFIC Four-Channel Timer
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Size: Small
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PS-363 Four-Channel Timer 
Specification: 1/box.
1., four channels can be simultaneously (need to press each channel key) or individual countdown 
2., four groups of sounds are different, easy to distinguish 3. Can be positive, countdown, time range: 1 second, --99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds A. Set a good time, press the start button, to start the countdown, time after the end of 1 minutes of voice B. Does not set the time on the screen, press the start button, start timing, timing is not set time, no reminder 
4., with clock function, clock and countdown each other without interference 
5., a key cleared 
6. after the countdown, the sound reminded a minute, after the countdown is completed by the timing 
7. Reset function: after the countdown is completed, press the STOP/START button to stop the timing, and then press the STOP/START button, back to the countdown time set then press the STOP/START button, start the next countdown 
8. Clock system: 12 hour system clock adjustment method: in the clock interface, press and hold the CLOCK button, until the screen flashes, press the HR/MIN/SEC key to adjust the time / minute / second, adjust the end, press the CLOCK button to determine 
9. If a channel is being clocked, at the clock interface, the channel flag (T1/T2/T3/T4) will be displayed on the clock 10. Extra large windows, clear Widescreen display. Large key, easy to operate, fashionable and practical. the back has magnet, support and hang hole 
11. Size: 84 84 35mm, window size: 49 22mm 
12. Weight: gross weight 125g (with carton, without batteries), net weight 88g (without battery) 
13. Use two 7 batteries, loud and clear 
14., English button (do not rule out the future will have Chinese keys), with Chinese and English manual 
15. Export quality, beautiful appearance. Multi use: it is suitable for kitchen cooking, school, laboratory, parking, lunch break, time control.BMT SCIENTIFIC FourChannel Timer