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Usage: Universal Testing Machine
Power: Hydraulic
Brand Name: Yuanyi
Warranty: One Year
weight: 23KG
Model Number: YY-4
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Warranty: One Year


Poratbel Hydraulic Tester,Mobile Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repairing Equipments
Portable hydraulic tester features
    1) portable hydraulic tester high precision - full scale 1%.
    2) Portable hydraulic tester Turbine flow sensor - fast response, anti-pollution, low pressure loss

    3) portable hydraulic tester platinum resistance temperature sensor - temperature fast, accurate, good stability.
    4) portable hydraulic tester flow and temperature display - using 4 LED digital display, not low

Temperature limit, instantaneous flow 0.000-9999, breakpoint data for 10 years.
    5) portable hydraulic tester pressure indicator - seismic pressure gauge, stable and overload capacity.
    6) portable hydraulic tester safety design - instrument reversed, can not afford the pressure, power supply instructions

    7) the hydraulic tester is easy to operate - can measure flow, pressure, and temperature at one point at the same time. by picking up

Touch switch to convert flow and temperature. Pressure valve adjustment intensity is light, loading smooth, fast and accurate. To ensure that

Measurement accuracy, should keep the temperature change within 3 degrees. Low pressure table through the pressure line can be measured system control pressure

    8) portable hydraulic tester wide range of applications - compact, light weight, can be pump test,

System online test for a variety of mobile or fixed hydraulic system, component of the rapid fault diagnosis

Poratbel Hydraulic TesterMobile Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repairing Equipments