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Brand Name: GBL
Usage: Construction
Main Raw Material: Starch
Classification: Other Adhesives
Other Names: Wallpaper glue
Model Number: c-4
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
weight: 250g


Eco-Friendly Potato Powder Wallpaper Glue Wallcovering Adhesive

Product introduction:
Raw material imported from German, added the PCMX technology and recipe of US, eliminated the traditional resin making technical, in order to get super strong viscosity and eco-environment, it exact the plant fiber chain of rice. through the dehydration technology, the liquid rice glue been changed into powder and increase the glue viscosity, antibacterial mouldproof, and shelf we have 2 years of shelf life.
China Supplier Environmental Wallpaper GlueAdhesive
 Quick details:

Model NO.: C-3,C-4,C-4Plus
Morphology: Powder
Material: Starch
Main Agent Composition: Natural Polymer
Promoter Composition: Tackifier
Color: White
Trademark: GBL
Specification: 250g
HS Code: 35069900
Bonding Function: Structural Adhesive
Application: Construction, Wallpaper Pasting
Classification: Room Curing
Characteristic: Weatherability
Composition: Organic Material
Transport Package: Carton Packaging
Origin: China
China Supplier NonToxic No Pollution Wallpaper Glue
Product Features: 
1.Strong viscosity
2.Water-soluble, easy construction
3.Stable performance
4.Environmental protection and non-toxic

Operation Way:
1. First of all, using the wallpaper primer that it can protect the wall causing moisture effective.
2. Using a mount of water in container, mixing sprinkle contents of sachet into water stirring quickly until the powder is dispersed. Waiting for 5-10 minutes then stir again and completely combine then using.
3. Brushing the glue paste evenly on the back of the wallpaper, fold the wallpaper into half and wait for 3 to 5 minutes until the glue paste penetrate the wallpaper and then use.
4. Pasting:Put vertical basis well, paste the wallpaper from top to bottom in accordance with vertical basis, and then, by brush outside into inside, squeeze out the bubble and surplus glue.

Dissolution Ratio
Items Ratio (Glue:Water) Glue Water Wallpaper rolls
C-3 1:26 250g 6.5 Liter 7-8 rolls
C-4 1:30 250g 7.5 liter 8-10 rolls
C-4 plus 1:40 250g 10 Liter 10-12 rolls

China Supplier NonToxic No Pollution Wallpaper Glue
Gluing: Brush the glue over the back of wallpaper evenly, then fold the wallpaper which is painted on the glue and place it for 3 to 5 minutes, pasting it after the glue infiltrate through the wallpaper.
Time of drying: According to the type of wallpaper, the temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions of the room.
If there is abnormal phenomenon during construction, please stop the construction immediately and consult retailer in order to obtain professional support.
Packing Ways:
China Supplier NonToxic No Pollution Wallpaper Glue
 Storage & Shelf Life

Storage: 24 months.
Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight in an airtight container.
Keep out of children.
Avoid contact with eyes, remove splashes from skin with soap and water.
Use only when temperature is above 5C.
about us:
Wuhan Boli Chemical Co., Ltd. Is one of the biggest adhesive manufacturers in China, specializes in the research, manufacture and marketing of different kinds of adhesives, included: Polyurethane adhesive, spray adhesive, contact adhesive, footwear adhesive, wallpaper glue, and so on. OEM is available here.
China Supplier NonToxic No Pollution Wallpaper Glue