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Usage: gasfire
Brand Name: zc
color: white
GSM Frequency: Power frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 100-240V/AC
Model Number: GA502E
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Power source: 100-240V/AC
Power frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated load: <2W
Alarm concentration: 3%LEL~20%LEL
Alarm volume: >85db
Working environment: -10C-+40C
Working humidity: <97%RH


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It is a kind of freestanding flammable gas alarm. ItAdopts advanced gas sensor, and select MCU withHigh ratio of performance and price as control core.It is a household small type gas security alarm. ItCan detect gas leak concentration indoor. When gasLeak concentration reaches presetting level,theAlarm provides a visual and audible signal. Whenthe concentration is below presetting level, theAlarm resume to the normal working state, thatAvoid person loss and property damage lead byToxicosis,explosion and fire because of gas leak.

Power source: 100-240V/AC  Power frequency: 50/60Hz  Rated load: <2W
Detect gas: LPG,natural gas, town gas  Alarm concentration: 3%LEL~20%LEL
Alarm volume: 85dbWorking environment: -10C~+40CWorking humidity: <97%RH

Where should install the alarm
1For the natural gas and town gas detection:
It should be installed in the room where a gas escape is most likely to occur, this may be the kitchen
Because of the presence of a gas cooker and other gas appliances.
It should be installed above the level of a possible gas escape and near the ceiling(typically 0.3m from the
Ceiling), in place where air movements are not impeded by furniture and furnishings.
2For LPG detection:
It should be installed in the room where the most frequently used appliance is accommodated and where
An escape is most likely to occur. in most domestic premises, this room may be the kitchen because of the
Presence of a gas cooker and possibly other gas appliances.
It should be mounted as slow as possible(typically 0.1m above the floor) and in place where air movements
Are not impeded by furniture.

Where should not install the alarm
in an enclosed space(e.G in a cupboard or behind a curtain)
Directly above a sink;
next to a door or window;
next to an extractor fan;
in an area where the temperature may drop below -10C or exceed 40C;
Where dirt and dust may block the sensor;
in a damp or humid location.
AC110V220VPowered freestanding flammable Gas Alarm lpg Gas detector for detecting gas leak