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Resistance: 50mv
Package Type: Surface Mount
Technology: Metal Foil
Type: Fixed Resistor
Brand Name: Jinquan
Operating Temperature: no
Temperature Coefficient: no
Rated Power: 400A
Resistance Tolerance: 0.5%
Model Number: FL2-T 400A 50mV
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Specification: FL2-T 400A 50mV
Rate Current: 400A
Voltage drop: 50MV
Accuracy level: 0.5%
Material: Manganese-nickel-copper alloy


measure current values shunt used with DC ammeter together 400A 50mV shunt for Electric Am


Specification:FL2-T 400A/50mV

Current: 250A

Voltage drop:75mv

Accuracy level: 0.5%


Standard requirements:

A. Product standard: national standard of the People's Republic of China: GB/ t766-1998 direct action simulation indicator electrical measuring instruments and their accessories professional standard of the People's Republic of China: JB/ t9288-1999 external attachment diverter.
B. Safety standards: iec61010-1:190 safety requirements for measuring, controlling and laboratory electrical equipment. Part 1: general requirements.
C. Environmental standards: standards for the electronic industry of the People's Republic of China: SJ/T 11363-2006 quantity requirements. Eu: ROHS.
D. Tolerance standard: the tolerance size is not specified in accordance with the national standard for Chinese migrant workers and the national standard: GB/ t1804-2000 rough C execution of general tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without tolerance.



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