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After-sales Service Provided: No overseas service provided
Certification: CE
Brand Name: LNEYA
Type: Compressor
Refrigerant: 150


Performance characteristics:
1. in the refrigeration system, the condensation adopts the air-cooling method and has a wide temperature control range, which can meet the various needs of users.
2. by adjusting the temperature error value to meet your more accurate test conditions, using a unique balanced temperature adjustment method, with a stable and balanced heating capacity, can perform high-precision, high-stability temperature control; temperature is displayed with a touch screen, intuitive and easy Reading, accurate and convenient.
3, with the set value of the temperature automatically select the function of running the refrigeration circuit, easy to operate.
4. the box door is equipped with a large-area observation window, and the test state of the test sample can be observed at any time.
5, high temperature boot function, can increase the temperature in the box to 150 C when the refrigerator can be opened to facilitate the round-trip test between high temperature, low temperature.
6, with self-diagnosis, freezer overload protection, high-pressure pressure switch, overload relays, thermal protection devices and other security features, and fully guarantee the use of security.
7. Adopt multi-blade air blower for strong air circulation to avoid any dead angle and make the temperature distribution in the test area even.
8. the air circulation and air return design is adopted, and the air pressure and wind speed are all in accordance with the test standards, and the temperature at the moment of opening the door can be quickly stabilized.
9, warming, cooling, the system completely independent can improve efficiency, reduce test costs, increase life, reduce the failure rate.
10. the replenishing tank is placed in the lower right part of the control box, and there is automatic water shortage protection, which is more convenient for the operator to supplement the water source.
11. the humidification system piping is separated from the control circuit board to avoid failure due to the leakage of the humidification pipeline and improve safety.
12, the water system piping circuit system uses gate opening, easy maintenance and overhaul.

HighLow Temp Humidity Test ChamberHighLow Temp Humidity Test ChamberHighLow Temp Humidity Test Chamber