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Temperature range: customized
Accuracy: customized
Theory: Temperature Sensor
Usage: Industrial
Brand Name: hongzhan
Model Number: Q8
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
name: UV accelerated weathering tester
item number: Q8
size: 130*47*63 mm
weight: 60 kg
packing: customized
lead time: 18 days


1.Sunlight and moisture are the greatest enermy for outdoor products,Q8 can imitate damage from sunlight and moisture,in accordance with many international identified criteria,overcome shortcoming of traditional weathering tester complex structure and hard to maintenance.Q8 adopt integral design,can do 24 hours per day,7 days per week continuing  ultraviolet light  and moisture endure experiment.Only need several days or weeks,it can reappear several month,even several years outdoor damage,including color change,lustre loss,powdering,fogging embrittlement,stength weakening phenomenon.Q8/UV2/UV3  are equipped with ultraviolet light detect system,precisely control optical amplitude shine.Four group UV strength sensor can realise accelerating rate and adjust bulb power accordingly,shorten experiment time greatly,ensure experiment repeatability.
2.Front and back install four UV fluorescent lights seperately so that it can maintenance easily.
   Q8/UV3 type:equipped with 12 group water spray device,can imitate machine erosion due to rain wash.
   Q8/UV2,Q8/UV3 type:equipped with  ultraviolet light detect system,can continuously precisely control light illumination.
3.Setting easily,timing device possess many warning function,grouped circulate form and temperature settings,precisely imitate various experimental LCD liquid screen.It can clearly read work situation and lasting time to improve system credibility,send out warning sign or shut down when necessary.At the same time,it can provide actual time curve line checking,history curveline checking,data record and store automatically,download,USB joggle and RS-232 computer connect line control,fault historyand maintenance methods.
4.Moisture system stay the same with nature air.When raise temperature it can accelerate experimental non-immersion heat booster,no water furs,no contamination,and can conduct heat fastly.Moisture system use tap-water,it can save cost and maintenance more easily compared with using distilled water,no need to install water spraying device or compression system.
5.Top moveable door stay wide to observe easily,sample take in and out clip is put  outermost to prevent sample contamination.Bottom is installed casters.

UV accelerated weathering tester temperature and humidity tester
UV accelerated weathering tester temperature and humidity tester