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Brand Name: SHINEACS
material: High speed memory, can keep 8 years after power-off
Color: BLUE
Warranty: 1 YEAR
Model Number: SA-B01T/02T/04T
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Why Consider TCP/IP Network Access Control Board for access control security?
4 door IP access control controller panel kits SAB01T02T04T

TCP/IP Intelligent Network Access controller SA-B01T/02T/04T is an access controller which can control one, two, or four doors and block access unless people have a specific security clearance. this is all accessed by an access controller board which is behind the scenes and is connected to those particular doors to grant access.

for the access control controller on the market, one good pick is the TCP/IP Access Controller Board SA-B01T/02T/04T by ShineACS Security. What you get from this investment is an access control system and solution to your security needs. It can cover one door, two doors, or even four doors all in one which shows just how powerful this access controller board can be. and of course, it's got TCP/IP communication modes allowing the controller to connect to the internet or to a specific IP as well to further solidify security.

It's storage consists of two things 2.6W cards and 10W records which is standard for security these days. but what's interesting about this access controller board is that the doors hooked up to these boards can read cards inside and outside. Also known as four doors in two ways. It's even got its own power supply which is included with every purchase.

but what also makes one of these the best around is the number of features it can do with this setup. First of all the system is pretty smart in that it can search automatically and install the controller very easily. You also remote door access control so you can open the door at will along with opening the door through the use of cards.

the system is also smart enough to keep running and monitor itself on a steady level. this means the system is keeping an eye on the voltage input, being a watchdog by showing you who is passing through all while operating through the day.

You can also adjust settings to ensure that there is a limit to how many people are in those particular regions as well. Some other security features entail a fire protection alarm, an anti-passback, an interlock function. Lastly, this system provides you access to a number of other things such as authentication methods which you can change however you like as well as video capture

Model: SA-B04T
Quantity of readers 2/4/8
Door lock relay 1/2/4
Door controlled    1/2/4
Input voltage AC 220V
Output voltage DC 12.5V  1.5A
Working voltage DC12V
Operating temperature: -25 to 70
Operating humidity 10%-90%RH, no-condensation
Power consumption of circuit board: 100mA

Data storage

26000 pieces of registration cards, 80000 pieces of reading records, 20000 pieces of records of door contact, button and alarm


Power-off protection measure  High speed memory, can keep 8 years after power-off

Interface protocol

International standard wiegand 26 bit, 34 bit communication protocol (software can be set, the default for 26 bit)
Distance from reader to controller Less than 100m

Door lock control

Each group relay using NC, COM, NO dry node control output, the maximum control voltage 250 v, 6 a maximum control current


Communication protocol TCP/IP
Communication rate TCP/IP 10M/100M Self-adaption
Max communication distance TCP/IP Communication depends on network coverage
Max networking TCP/IP Communication unlimited
Access control panel size 159*131MM/159*131MM/216x131MM
Power supply size 240*200*61MM