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Warranty: 1Years
Brand Name: KEYTOP
Width (mm): 140
Height (mm): 120
Type: Carport
Model Number: Ts-06
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Certification: ISO CE
Voltage: DC 24V
Communication Way: RS485/LAN
Detection Range: 0.1~3.5m
Working Principle: Ultrasonic
Communication Distance: 1000m
Wiring: RS485 Communication Cables


KEYTOP  Car Parking Guidance  System 

this solution is to help drivers find an empty parking space quickly, saving search time and gasoline, then enjoying the parking; It is also a good way to higher utilization rate of parking space and minimize management costs for car-park owners. 
Firstly, drivers can follow the instruction on the outdoor LED display, make the right choice to the floor with lots available; 

Secondly, each floors has indoor LED guide screen display real-time lots available, then drivers can have parking info and choose a right way to area with empty parking lots; 
Finally , drivers enter the right area and distinguish the color of LED indicator, red is occupied; green is vacant; blue is reservation. 
Ultrasonic Smart Indoor Parking Guidance System  

Ultrasonic Smart Indoor Parking Guidance System

Ultrasonic Smart Indoor Parking Guidance System

System Diagram  

Ultrasonic Smart Indoor Parking Guidance System