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Brand Name: Center Enamel
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Agricultural Water Storage Tanks

The Premium Storage Solution For Agricultural Water Storage Tanks


   to feed the growing world population, increasing agriculture production is required. under such circumstance, premium containment solution is required for crops & forage storage, manure, sludge, irrigation during agriculture production. Agriculture waste such as livestock and poultry manure and energy crops are an important part of the global growth of " green" renewable energy solutions.

     Center Enamel Agricultural Water Storage Tanks are made of special steel plate, special sealant, self-locking bolt, and the service life for more than 30 years. after pretreatment, the special steel plate is coated with two or three layers of enamel coating on both sides. after the heat polymerization, a strong binding force is formed between the coating and the steel plate. the protective layer formed by the coating can not only prevent corrosion of the tank body, but also has the function of strong acid and alkali resistance and strong abrasion resistance.

Center Enamel Agricultural Water Storage Tanks for irrigation in agriculture

     in order to ensure the normal growth of crops and obtain high and stable yield, it is necessary to supply crops with sufficient water. under natural conditions, crop water requirements are often not met due to insufficient precipitation or uneven distribution. Therefore, artificial irrigation is necessary to make up for the lack of natural rainfall. Also,  we can use Agricultural Water Storage Tanks to Collect and store rainwater that falls onto buildings and using it for agricultural purposes, which can cut the bill of irrigation water. that is why we choose Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks as for irrigation in agriculture, also can be widely used in vegetables, flowers, orchards, medicinal plants planting places.